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What we do.

Dixie-Net is a full-service data and voice provider that delivers high speed internet, Voice over IP, traditional telephone service, wireless broadband, email, data services, and data/web hosting. All of our services are backed by our in-house team of experienced technical support professionals.

The face of change.

Once a dialup-only internet service provider, Dixie-Net has adapted to changing technology and the changing needs of our customer base, while maintaining the relationships and one-on-one sales and service that has been lost with many large service providers. Our philosophy is to be as local and as friendly as the corner store, while offering competitive rates and world-class technology and support that you have come to expect.

Solutions in a box.

The truth is, REAL technology solutions do not come in a box.  They come in the form of people. People with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to solve problems and create solutions that work. We have an experienced team of people who are willing to think "outside the box" and provide you, the customer, with technology that you can rely on.

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