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Reliable home telephone service backed by our support team and our professional staff of field technicians.

Call for pricing and availability.


Your home relies on a connection to the web for your desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, handhelds, or smart phones. 

Plans starting at $39.95.  Call for pricing and availability.


If you're the kind of person who hates to settle for "plain vanilla", then you will love the speed boost that comes with our Spitfire Hyper Internet.  With speeds up to 50Mbps, you will always be a step ahead of the competition.

$99.95/month. Call for availability in your area.


A wireless solution benefits homes whose locations are not suited for DSL or other wired connections.  It packs the same powerful punch as our other high speed solutions, without the need to have telephone or coaxial cables run to your location.

Starting at $39.95.  Available in select locations. Call for pricing and availability.


A reliable 56k connection available anywhere there is a telephone line.  Local dialup numbers available in most areas.

Starting at $9.95.  Call for availability or sign up online.


Host your own web site at Dixie-Net, and get the same great technical support and service you've come to expect from our other product offerings.

Plans start at $9.95/month.  Click here for details.