Using Dixie-Net's Voice Mail 

How Do I check my voicemail? 

  • To check your Dixie-Net Voice Mail, dial 662-993-8500.

    If you need the local number look here for your local area code and exchange, substituting 8500 for 2222

  • When promted for "Mail Box", enter your complete phone number, including area code. 

  • When promted for "Password" dial your four digit password.

  • The default password is the last four digits of your phone number.

    For example, if your phone number is 662-533-2222, then your mailbox is 662-533-2222, and your default passcode is 2222.  To protect your privacy, we recommend that you change your password to something other than the default as soon as possible.

The above steps aren't working for me; What should I do? 

  • We will need to open a ticket on your particular issue. Call our Customer Service at one of the local numbers listed here, or call 800-918-9023.

  • Alternatively, you can email our Customer Service Department. We will have to call you to verify your identity, so please be sure to leave us your call back number.